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2014-12-20 00:09

Bengalese Need No Sermon On Secularism From Gujrat: Firhad Hakim

State municipal affairs minister Firhad Hakim on Wednesday said that the Benglese need no sermon on secularism from a person from Gujrat.

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2014-12-20 00:03

1st Chakdaha Book Fair Begins

The first Chakdaha book fair was inaugurated on Wednesday by eminent writer Swapnamay Chakraborty at Shyamaprasad Maidan in Chakdaha

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2014-12-15 16:29

Two Died In Accident In Mohonpur

Two persons were died when a Maruti swift rammed on the back of a stationary lorry loaded with sand near Mohonpur on Kampa-Jagula roade on Sunday night. 

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2014-12-14 22:52

Former Trinamul MP Sucharu Joins BJP

Former Trinamul Congress MP from Ranaghat, Dr. Sucharu Ranjan Halder joined BJP along with former Inspector general of police Basab Talukder at a programme in Kalyani on Sunday evening

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2014-12-12 19:17

Bangladeshi Smugglers Attacked BSF Inspector, Chopped Off Fingers

Armed Bangladeshi smugglers allegedly attacked a BSF inspector in Maluapara in Chapra early on Friday morning with sharp weapons and chopped off four fingers of his left arm after being twarted a smuggling bid

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2014-12-12 19:12

Mob Rampage In Nadia Festival

Violent mob went on rampage at the vene of Nadia festiva being held at Happy club ground in Ranaghat on Wednesday night after Yash Dasgupta, a popular television serial actor failed to arrived at a show schedle in evening

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2014-12-10 23:28

Panchayat Boss Accused For Assault Of Opposition CPI (M) Leader

Nadia police has stared a case against a trinamul leader and upa pradhan of Ainshmali panchayat for allegedly beating opposition CPI (M) leader and member of panchyat as he played an instrumental role to bring a no confidence motion

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2014-12-08 18:57

Wall From High Rise Building Collapsed On Neighbor's Home

The Kalyani Municipality on Sunday has stopped construction works of all multi storied buildings in the town for a fresh checking of building norms in the wake of collapse of a wall from the top floor of a high raised flat on an adjacent building

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2014-12-06 22:01

Child Labors Rescued, Employer Arrested

Santipur police has arrested Ashim Mandal, 48, a cycle  repairing shop owner for employing a 13 year old boy as his employee at his shop

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2014-12-06 21:28

Rampage At Chakdaha GRP Outpost By Violent Mob

A violent mob ransacked a GRP outpost at Chakdaha rail station on Wednesday after one of its personnel had allegedly beaten up a youth for smoking on the platform nabbing him as a burglar on the run

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